Our Story

We have over 35 years of combined experience in digitally enabled healthcare transformation. By combining our knowledge, we help businesses and startups succeed by expanding traditional healthcare delivery models.

Our Vision

To re-define our relationship with health with a focus on prevention, precision, awareness, access, and willingness to use technology, innovation, and digital media to drive impactful change.

We believe in combined strength and seek to forge meaningful partnerships and strategic alliances with visionary healthcare companies, keeping the health consumer at the core of our actionable blueprint.

Our Mission










Our Founders


Dr. Tazeen Rizvi

Co-Founder and CEO
Healthcare Digitization Expert and Disruptor

Healthcare technology leader, clinician, digitization expert, educationalist, and strategic advisor with over 15 years of experience designing and developing data-driven systems, expanding market growth, and optimizing health technologies for integrated healthcare delivery systems


Dr. Maida Affan

Co-Founder & MD Communications
Healthcare Marketing Expert and CX Strategist

Healthcare Marketing & CX Strategist, clinical content developer and health communications expert with 7 years of industry experience. Have achieved growth for various healthcare startups through digital-first marketing, sales funnel implementation, and communication strategies.


Dr. Madiha Ali

Co-Founder & MD
Insurance and Compliance

A clinician possessing comprehensive 12 years of working experience in the Healthcare industry, working on healthcare projects, managing medical claims, healthcare provider interaction, and closely analysing data related to the health industry. She has been involved in training, assisting and leading teams on international coding standards, legal compliance and Regulations.

What we do?

We use technology to unlock real-time insights and agility required to deliver value to customers in the moments that matter while keeping users at the center of healthcare. By using efficient marketing and communication techniques, we help to develop better healthcare models and promote healthcare brands and businesses.


Why Partner with us?

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