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In today’s healthcare environment, patients, physicians and other clinicians are increasingly relying on digital tools to access information and engage in care processes. This requires a transformation in how health care is presented to patients, with all stakeholders involved. As a result of this transformation, the role of educational technology continues to grow.

Our Digital Health Course Crafted by Industry Experts

The program will prepare students to work in the rapidly evolving digital health care sector, whether they choose a career in academia or research organizations, health IT industries—or government agencies. It will also help entrepreneurs on the role of technology in health care and public/global health.

In this digital age, we cannot undervalue the importance of digital health literacy. The emerging context of online platforms and digitally engaged patients demands new competencies in healthcare professionals. The biggest part of the digital health transformation is changing how we perceive technology and use it to deliver improved care. The next generation of healthcare professionals needs to be digitally enabled with adequate training, tools, and technology skills to succeed in this new, dynamic and evolving digital health landscape.

Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi
CEO, Pulse 360 | Health Digitization Expert

Our Expert Team


Dr. Tazeen Rizvi

Co-Founder and CEO
Healthcare Digitization Expert and Disruptor


Dr. Maida Affan

Co-Founder & MD Communications
Healthcare Marketing Expert and CX Strategist


Dr. Madiha Ali

Co-Founder & MD
Insurance and Compliance

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